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Koso Ball EX

$150 for 40 Day Supply (130g)
$399 for 4 Month Supply (370g)

One of our most popular products, Koso Ball contains 108 different natural ingredients that contain many essential nutrients. From different types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, and mushrooms: these supplements help with various functions such as digestion and the breakdown of food.

Pomegranate Zakuro Ball EX

$88 for 2 Month Supply (180g)

The Pomegranate Zakuro Ball contains pomegranate extract, melon, lipoic acid, ceramide, and cranberry to form a superior health supplement for women. Get all the benefits that the super-food pomegranate has to offer in a concentrated form. Just one serving contains 194mg (216% DV) of Vitamin C!

Beta Glucan

$499 for 3 Month Supply (135g)

Umeken Beta Glucan is an extract from 9 of the finest mushrooms combined with 2 yeast extracts. Excellent at boosting one's immune system, it is known to be used for high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

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Eye Clear

$88 for 2 Month Supply (25g)

A special eye care formula that helps tired and bleary eyes by containing essential nutrients such as anthocyanin and Vitamin A, C, and E. This is extracted from blueberry and purple sweet potato as well as ginkgo leaf extract, Lutein, Beta-carotene, and grape seed extract.

Royal Collagen

$88 for 2 Month Supply (180g)

Royal Collagen contains hydrolyzed royal jelly and fish collagen peptide. These supplements support your health and beauty while maintaining beautiful, firm, and moist skin! Because 70% of your skin is composed of collagen, this unique health supplement allows you to take in the benefits of both collagen and royal jelly in order to help your skin retain moisture while simultaneously making your skin more resilient.


$25 for 26 Packets (208g)

Healthy and delicious Japanese seasoning with the finest, natural ingredients. Kombu, Bonito extract powder, Tamogitake mushroom extract, Shiitake mushroom extract, and NO MSG gives your soup or vegetable dish a flavorful boost with this healthy seasoning! These extracts are rich in protein, vitamin D, niacin, taurine, and beta-glucan.

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Elastin Beauty

$150 for 1 Month Supply (180g)

Beauty Supplements that contain Elastin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C; these are used to maintain skin elasticity and prevent skin wrinkles. They supply nutrients to the skin, raise skin flexibility, and helps the skin to retain more water.


$49 for 12 Day Supply (12g)

Macrophages help prevent diseases, cleanses our body, and maintains our innate immunity by engulfing bacteria, viruses, oxidants, denatured proteins, and dead cells. These supplements contain LPS which strengthens our macrophages and block toxic substances from entering our cells.

Reishi Extract Balls

$150 for 2 Month Supply (72g)

Composed of the highest-quality Japanese Reishi, this extract lets you experience approximately 200 various types of natural health ingredients that exists in Reishi mushrooms. These extract balls contain antioxidants that promote a feeling of overall wellness.

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Vital Multi

$35 for 3 Month Supply (90 Tablets)

Over 18 Key Nutrients, Essential Vitamins & Minerals for adults. Iron free to avoid iron overload in vital organs such as the liver and heart. Recommended for bone & immune system support.

Omega 3 + CoQ10

$35 1 Month Supply (60 Softgels)

Supplements containing Omega-3 + CoQ10 and Plant Sterols. Researchers have found that with high levels of omega-3s, effects of antidepressants are boosted, ADHD Symptoms are reduced, inflammation in asthma are lowered, and visual & neurological development in infants are increased due to rising levels of DHA.

Mineral L-CAL

$59 for 2 Month Supply (130g)
$150 for 6 Month Supply (400g)

Containing Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium, and Multi-Minerals, these supplements are essential for bone health and development. You can add the Mineral L-Calcium to rice, soup, or even drinking water!

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Okinawa Zedoary

$88 for 1 Month Supply (60 Packets)

Umeken's Turmeric Health Supplements is used for your stomach and intestinal health. Cultivated from Umeken's own farms in Okinawa, these tablets are rich in vitamins, deitary fibers, and nutrients such as calcium and MMSC.

Black Garlic EX

$88 for 3 Month Supply (180g)

Powerful garlic extracts that are rich with natural anti-bacterial properties such as Allicin and Methionine, these supplements increase energy levels and stamina. These extract balls that are rich in Vitamin B1 and Iron also build up your body's immune system and help manage blood pressure + cholesterol.

Black Onion Tablets

$59 for 40 Day Supply (866 Balls)
$88 for 2 Month Supply (1333 Balls)

For many centuries, onions have been valued for their health benefits. Using onions grown & fermented in Japan’s Hokkaido Island, this high-quality health supplement is especially notable for its high quercetin content. With Umeken's Black Onion Tablets, you will have the amplified benefits without the odor. Recommended for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

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