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Shiseido Facials

Multi-step facial where our esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate, steam, and nourish your skin. Utilizing Shiseido skincare such as cleansers, softeners, Ultimune serums, moisturizers, and masks; your skin will be well hydrated.

These Skin Care Products are also available for purchase.

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Shiseido Soothing Facial

Soothing & Hydrating

  • The Shiseido Benefique or Benefiance Collection is utilized in this multi-step treatment. 

  • The Benefique Collection readjusts your skin's temperature through warming and cooling steps. For normal & oily skin, this collection optimizes and maintains healthy and beautiful skin.

  • The Benefiance Collection is skincare utilized to fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Our wrinkle-fighting regiment is indulgently luxurious for dry skin.

Duration: 75 Minutes for $60


Shiseido Brightening & Hydrating Facial

Diminishes Dark Spots & Brightening

  • The Shiseido White Lucent Collection is utilized in this multi-step treatment.

  • Inspired by professional cosmetic procedures, White Lucent products work together to help diminish the appearance of dark spots. Their technology targets spots with laser speed and resists the appearance of spots over time for beautifully translucent skin. 

Duration: 90 Minutes for $80

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Shiseido Firming & Lifting Facial

Firming & Lifting

  • The Shiseido Bio-Performance Collection is utilized in this multi-step treatment. 

  • This is a cutting edge collection that utilizes exclusive bio-technology to recharge the skin's natural performance potential. It provides skin with multi anti-aging benefits, helps visibly lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, redness, and uneven-looking skin tone. 

Duration: 90 Minutes for $105

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Shiseido Future Solution LX Royal Treatment

Age-Defying & Restoration

  • The Shiseido Future Solution LX is utilized in this multi-step treatment.

  • Future Solution LX represents the pinnacle of Shiseido skin science with the most advanced and luxurious formulas. This age-defying collection is powered by a proprietary anti-aging ingredient (SkingenecellEnmei) that slows down the appearance of visible signs of aging and helps restore and prolong a youthful look. 

Duration: 90 Minutes for $150

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Gua Sha Detoxification Facial

Detoxification & Strengthening

  • The Shiseido Ultimune is utilized in this multi-step treatment. 

  • After detoxification, Ultimune strengthens skin against daily damage and visible signs of aging. Featuring botanical extracts of reishi mushroom and iris root, Ultimune continuously fortifies the skin's ability to defend against environmental aggressors. It acts as both protection from potential damage and resists the daily damage that can visibly age skin. This formula leaves the skin looking smoother, firmer, more hydrates, and resilient.

Duration: 90 Minutes for $90

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